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    Please cite this article as: Jeong YM et al., Association between preoperative use of antithrombotic medications and intraoperative transfusion in older patients undergoing cancer surgery, Asian Journal of Surgery, ´╗┐Health Services Research
    Association Between Prostate Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Observation for Low-risk Prostate Cancer
    MichaelX1D S. Leapman,X2DRongX3D Wang,X4DHenryX5D S. Park,X6DJamesX7D B. Yu,X8DJeffreyX9D C. Weinreb,X01D CaryX1D P. Gross,X21Dand Xiaomei31D MaX41D
    OBJECTIVE To evaluate the association between prostate magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and the use of
    observation for men with low-risk prostate cancer (PCa). MATERIALS AND